Common injuries in sports

Many physical activities such as running require little help from gears. There are others though that will need specialized equipment so that injury can be prevented.  According to official statistics released by NFL in 2015, barely into the second week of play, 234 players were dealing with different football related injuries already. The reason for this could be due to incorrect use of equipment. When a football player wears old football helmets, nothing is prevented here as when the player will fall, the likelihood of the helmet cracking on impact is high and might even end up injuring the player themselves.

Traumatic injuries occur due to such incidences, and usually the injured person will have a feeling that something has gone wrong and experience swelling or bruising. Traumatic injuries result due to external factors, internal factors and overuse injuries. This article looks at some of the causes of main sporting injuries.

Injuries due to external factors

 Many injuries on impact are caused when one player collides with the other as they are playing e.g. head collision. Also, they can collide with equipment, e.g. running into a goal post. Sometimes, a player may get injuries on the playing surfaces such as a floor that slides. When footballers play on a rough patch of grass, they are likely to twist an ankle when they land at an awkward angle. Also equipment can result to a person getting many injuries such as new shoes, which could result to blisters. Wearing protective sportsdepot football helmets, for example, is one preventive mechanism for external injuries, more specifically the injuries from head collisions. Footwear is equally important here for people especially engaging in running for it will prevent blisters. Many sports will also require good ankle support so that twists and sprains can be prevented. SportsDepot

Injuries from internal causes

Internal injuries are another major cause of traumatic injuries. These include sprains, muscle pulls or strains. They mainly result from things that are not affected by external causes. Activities such as overstretching can lead to sprains. Reducing the amount of strain put on areas such as legs and wearing sportsdepot sports gear correctly will go a long way in reducing internal injuries.

Overuse injuries

Overuse injuries are injuries, which build up over time such as repeated action over and over. Some common overuse injuries include tennis elbow that results when the tendon on the elbow is strained or overworked. Shin splints are common amongst athletes and footballers as a result of the running. These injuries can be avoided through designing training programs, competition schedules and activity sessions with rest in-between the sessions. Stress fractures too are common among these groups. One can find football shoulder pads at sportsdepot, or even online stores, along with football helmets easily, and one must wear them because these can also prevent injuries resulting from overuse injuries.

Sports is a risky endeavor as there are all sorts of injuries that may result if proper care and safety precautions are not implemented. One way of ensuring safety is by use of safety equipment such as football helmets.