5 Reasons to Try the Wooden Watch Trend

A watch has been one of the most classic and important types of accessories known to man. One of the reasons for its popularity is that watches are not only stylish and provides accent to your style, but it also serves an important function of keeping time. For this reason, men and women alike invest a great deal of money on buying the best brands and styles of watches. But there is one unique emerging trend in the market right now, which will add a unique flair to your watch collection. Wewood is a manufacturer of wooden watches and they have changed the face of the watch industry by creating hand-crafted wooden timepieces.

The thought of wearing new wood watches from Wewood might seem odd at first. But those who have tried wearing it have sworn by it for many reasons. Here are five reasons that make the decision to buy wood watch seem like a great idea:
Unique Style
A quality wood watch will easily stand out in your collection because of the unique style. It is different in a good way. Plus, the natural beauty of the wood will improve and become better with time (unlike synthetic materials that deteriorate with time). There are several natural variations within the wood grain that instantly add certain uniqueness for each type of wood. Hence, you can ensure that no two watches are the same. The manufacturer might be able to produce the same style but it will not be exactly the same. The same type of tree will have different grain patterns, too. If you want your style to be unique, then this is one good reason to try wearing wood watches.
When you first hear about a wooden watch, you probably think it would be too bulky or too heavy on your wrist. You could not be more wrong than that. In fact, the Wewood watches are extremely lightweight such that you do not feel wearing anything on your wrist at all. The wooden strap weighs half of most metal bands used on conventional watches.
If you care about the environment, there is no better reason than this to try out the wooden watch trend. Since you are making a watch from a renewable resource, you are reducing the impact on the environment with each manufacturing process. All wooden timepieces are manufactured from scrap wood. In addition, the companies that manufacture the wooden watch replace any wood used by planting a new tree.  Companies that are advocates of preserving the environment are worth all the support they can get.
If you have had problems with skin sensitivity when wearing metal banded watch, then you won’t have the same problem with a wooden watch. The non-toxic finish and the use of natural materials ensure that you won’t suffer from any adverse effects as the band gets into contact with your skin.
Even though wooden timepieces are hand-crafted, they are still more affordable than traditional watches made from leather or metal bands. As mentioned earlier, they are made from wood scrap so the materials needed for making them are less expensive than traditional watches. This considerably lowers the manufacturing cost of wooden watches and that saving is passed on to consumers. For more details please visit this site HTTP://WWW.WE-WOOD.US