How to Stop Excessive Menstruation

Excessive and prolonged periods can disrupt your activities more than normal menstruation. Excessive menstruation makes it harder for you to perform standard everyday tasks. If that happens, then, you need to know how to stop your period from coming excessively. Drugs that help stop or slow menstrual flow can be a good choice for you.

Most women do not really experience excessive menstruation that can be classified as “menorrhagia”. However, this kind of menstruation may happen to anyone, including you. If you experience this condition, the amount of blood lost and the severity of the menstrual cramps will greatly hamper your daily basic activities.

For moderate to severe, but not severe, bleeding, you can consider relieving your symptoms using medically verified ordinary medications instead of choosing herbs. It is also effective to relieve pain with NSAIDs and warming pads. It is also recommended for you to eat nutrients that help your body, and avoid foods or substances that will aggravate cramps.