Post Abortion Plastic Surgery in the face area

Post Plastic Surgery Care at Plastic Surgery in Los Angeles CA varies according to the type of operation. But in general is to keep the wound clean so as not to infection. However, there are some restrictions to avoid after undergoing Plastic Surgery, such as you should stop smoking and drinking alcohol both before and after surgery. If you are a passive smoker, you should avoid cigarette smoke, because of cigarette smoke and can affect the results of surgery and cause complications resulting from anesthesia during the operation. Avoid spicy foods and alcohol in order not to make the face swelling last longer. Avoid seafood food, because it is feared there will be allergies during the healing period after surgery. For seven days after Plastic Surgery, the area of ??the face or body in operation should not be exposed to water.

Do not exercise at least 3 months postoperatively to avoid new injuries or traumas due to a possible collision during exercise. In addition, the part that is in operation has not been formed permanently. Stop taking medications or vitamins that thin the blood, such as aspirin and vitamin E, because this drug can cause the recovery of blood vessels that bruises can be long. As much as possible not often exposed to sunlight after surgery to prevent excessive color on the scar. Sleeping position is adjusted from the action of Plastic Surgery that you do, Some should not sleep in a sloping position, and some are not supposed to sleep in the supine position (sleep must be in a sitting position for how much time).