Analyze and monitor visitors using Google Analytics

The first page visited by a visitor when visiting our web (landing page) is a page whose links generally appear in search engines or in backlinks that we make, the information is very important to be observed and analyzed which where we can make it as refuse to Measure the success of search engine optimization and backlinks that we make. SEO activities that we do must have a benchmark achievement, one of them by seeing the success of keywords that we optimize. Keyword information (keywords) displayed by Google analytics can be used as a reference value of the success of our optimization of a keyword. Analysis of results and achievements for SEO and CPC is very-very necessary, and this is where Google Analytics is a very important role in the development of our next web business strategy. Even within Google Analytics, there are features that are devoted to seeing the effectiveness of campaign ads conducted SEO such as –

Currently, social media like facebook, twitter, google plus etc. Is a strength that can not be underestimated in addition to Search engine optimization and Search engine marketing, especially to improve branding positioning and popularity. Information generated by Google Analytics based on visitors coming from social media can provide data response and popularity in real time. It is a must for a web to be able to display its web in a mobile version, mobile version users more when compared with a version of the website (based on the number of hours). We also can monitor and analyze data using mobile visitors on Google analytics, to know the success of mobile marketing strategy we have done.